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The AI Arms Race Part One

What is artificial intelligence? What's the difference between weak, strong, narrow and general AI? And what's state of the art today? See more »

The AI Arms Race Part Two

Are we destined for an AI arms race? Why would nations race to develop AI? And will we ever create superintelligent AI? See more »

Are robots electronic persons?

A draft report for the EU suggests ways we should prepare for a new industrial revolution powered by robots. Is it time to make them electronic persons? See more »

Borg Chef, Part II

Are robots poised to take over the kitchen? We look at the opportunities and challenges in the future of kitchen automation. See more »

The Microsoft Tay Debacle

Recently Microsoft created a chatbot intended to develop an online personality through social media interactions. What could go wrong? Well, it turns out the internet can be a pretty sinister place and that Microsoft may have bitten off more than it could chew with the disastrous Tay project. See more »

Marvin Minsky: Forward Thinker

Who was Marvin Minsky and what was his influence on the field of artificial intelligence research? We look back on the life and career of this forward thinker. See more »

Gaming the System

What is the future of games? Which games have been "solved?" And are there any games humans will always be better at than computers? See more »

Computers Know If You're Sarcastic? Yeah, Right.

Could a computer infer your mood based upon the text you type? We look at the Tone Analyzer, an IBM tool that aims to alert you if an email is too snarky or your next text message is coming across as rude. See more »

Spot the Bot

The flip side of artificial intelligence is that it will be harder for us to be sure the person we're talking to is actually a person. Are there tricks to spotting a bot on the web? See more »

Robot Avatars

Jonathan, Joe and Lauren answer a listener mail request. Could we use robots as avatars while we explore distant locations, even across the galaxy? See more »