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Thoughts on Fuel Cells

I wanted to spend some time really talking about fuel cells, particularly hydrogen-based fuel cells. To catch you up, that kind of fuel cell uses hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity. The only other byproduct is water vapor. Since the 1970s, peo ... See more »

Time for a New Clock

A couple of weeks ago, I caught an interesting Time is a tricky concept. The experience of time is subjective -- there's no universality to it. I don't just mean our perception that time flies by when we're having a good time and drags to a standstil ... See more »

First Comet Landing in Human History

UPDATE (12:59 p.m. EST):UPDATE (12:52 p.m. EST):UPDATE (11:43 a.m. EST):UPDATE (11:10 a.m. EST):So far, human vehicles have only landed safely on a handful of surfaces in the solar system: the moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn's moon Titan and two asteroids. ... See more »

How to Psychoanalyze a Robot

We've spent a lot of time on Fw:Thinking talking about how to make machines better understand our intentions. Ideally, our devices will be able to not only detect but to anticipate our needs, providing for us the things we want even before we're awar ... See more »

Waving Goodbye to Gravitational Waves?

On March 26, 2014, we published a And now, While I'm sure the findings are frustrating and perhaps disappointing to BICEP2 researchers, this is how science is supposed to work. The scientific process involves observing and testing the world around us ... See more »

Send a Message to an Asteroid ... and Back!

Want to send a message to the surface of an asteroid? Here's your chance -- and you've got until September 30th to make it happen.In 2016, NASA will launch a spacecraft called the Origins-Spectral Interpretation-Resource Identification-Security-Regol ... See more »

Targeting Malaria With Science

In the movies, scientific study flashes by in an instant. From a cinematic point of view, this makes sense -- you can't just have the camera linger on a group of researchers indefinitely as they toil over petri dishes and enormous spreadsheets. But i ... See more »

The Satellite and the Vacant McDonald's

Mountain View, California is a tech-heavy place. That's the location of the Googleplex, Google's high-tech campus. It's also the location of a group of engineers controlling a satellite from an old, abandoned McDonald's restaurant. No, really!What's ... See more »

The Future of Blood

In the future, blood may be manufactured in labs -- and designed to be more shelf-stable than Velveeta. Forget Tru:Blood. This stuff could be given to all patients, regardless of blood type, and stored for years without refrigeration in case of emerg ... See more »

Quantum Physics and Cheshire Cats

We've said it many times on Fw:Thinking - the quantum world is weird. From electron tunneling to superposition to entanglement, things happen on the quantum scale that defy common sense. And just when I think I'm starting to get the slightest grip on ... See more »