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typewriter-470x275 Further Reading: We’ve All Got Stories to Tell

All three of your (varyingly) humble Fw:Thinking audio hosts have backgrounds in literature and creative writing, so we were like kids in a nerdy candy store during production of our recent episodes on The Future of Storytelling. We did one

Sure, you can build a mighty fine virtual moon base, but do those skills translate to the real world? | Image courtesy of NASA Shall We Play a Game?

We’ve known for a few years that video games can affect our brains — check out this press release of a study from 2007 that suggests surgeons could benefit from playing games. But most of the studies in video games

Courtesy of Microsoft The Future of Gaming According to E3

This week, I made the trek out to Los Angeles to take part in the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 as it is commonly known. This is the conference where game developers, publishers and hardware manufacturers come together to show

Disney elements © 2012 Disney How the Leapfrog LeapsterGS Works

I really got into video games when I was just a little kid. Back then, the most sophisticated handheld gaming systems used little dots to represent athletes in what was almost, but not quite, completely unlike an actual football game.

Ouya How the Ouya Works

Back in July, 2012, Julie Uhrman launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new type of gaming console called Ouya. It would sport the Android operating system and allow gamers to play everything from casual games to hardcore first person

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Explore the physical science of the Prius v with these videos from HowStuffWorks.

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Read from topics in the driver’s guide to fuel economy at HowStuffWorks.

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Learn how to decode the new EPA fuel economy labels with this interactive infographic.

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Read about car trends and innovations at HowStuffWorks.

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