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Image courtesy of NASA Robotic Surgery for Astronauts

In this week’s video and podcast, we talked about the present and future of robotic surgery, alluding to the possibility of space-bound surgical robots to operate on astronauts in emergencies. We spoke in terms of possibilities, only to find out

Image courtesy of NASA No Wheels? No Legs? No Problem: 3 Rolly Rover Designs

If you want to explore the terrain of Mars, or the surface of a foreign moon or asteroid, you need to know what you’re getting into. Destinations like these are bathed in lethal radiation, with no breathable atmosphere, likely in

Julija/iStock/Thinkstock Will Robots Replace Pets?

In the previous week’s video, we talked about the possibility of robot pets, looking beyond cute toys like Sony’s AIBO line (1999 to 2006) or even the really intriguing Pleo dinosaur. I wanted to follow up on one particular question

Sergey Lavrentev/iStock/Thinkstock Robotic Animals in Action

Although none of us would trade in our beloved dogs for a cold, unfeeling robot, we can certainly envision a future in which some people would want to purchase a robotic pet. Especially as AI, mechanics and materials science improve,

Photo by John B. Carnett/Bonnier Corp. via Getty Images Watch Our 9 Favorite Exoskeletons in Action

Some of our favorite exoskeletons have been used as alien squishers and supervillain defense aids, sure. But some of the best we’ve seen are decidedly nonfictional. We detailed both categories in our podcast episode I Am Iron Man. Given that

iStock/CURAphotography/Thinkstock Students Build a Hand for a Little Girl

I’m not sure any news story I’ve seen recently encapsulates my admiration of human ingenuity and compassion like this one about Harmony Taylor. She’s a pre-schooler in Cedar Springs, Michigan and was born without fingers on her right hand. This

robot-eye-470x275 Statistically Speaking, Robot Vision Is Hard

You’ve probably seen — or maybe even built — robots that use sensors as a means of gathering information about the environment they’re in. These robots can detect objects in their path and route around them (or sometimes plow right

People always need nutrition to survive, but food culture and technology changes vastly over time. What will the future of food look like? The Future of Food – Show Notes

This week’s video concerns the future of food, and I thought I’d put together a roundup of some of the most interesting stuff I discovered when researching the topic. Perhaps the most successful (and controversial) advance in recent food technology

Courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems Swarm on Mars

In our video about space exploration, we talked about rovers, robots, probes and all manner of inorganic space explorers. One idea that didn’t make it into the final video was actually one of my favorites: swarm explorers. Wheeled rovers like

mf-arm-470x275 The Madness of Maker Faire

This week’s episode of Fw:Thinking is all about invention, tinkering, hacking and making. Today, we consider it a hobby. But back when Ugh the Caveman needed to bring home the wooly mammoth bacon, being able to create and refine tools

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