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Martin McCarthy/E+/Getty Images Solar Cells, Quantum Dots and Energy Efficiency

This morning, I saw a Facebook post from Dan Bush, the guy who directs the Fw:Thinking videos (hi, Dan!). Dan shared an article about researchers who have developed a new approach to building solar cells. They’ve worked with colloidal quantum

Massimo Merlini/iStock/Thinkstock DNA Cage Match

A few weeks ago, I talked about how nanotechnology could help improve solar panels. I mentioned that scientists took inspiration from structures found in the eyes of moths. When it comes to the world of the very small, nature provides

LindaCharlton/iStock/Thinkstock Inspiration from a Turkey

In science and technology, experts often look to nature for inspiration. I don’t mean they take long walks and gaze at sunsets. I mean when trying to solve a problem — such as creating sensors that can indicate the presence

iStockphoto/Thinkstock The Big Deal About Little Scrolls

Take a sheet of carbon atoms bonded to one another — it can be as thin as just a single layer of atoms. That sheet is something we call graphene, and it’s been described as the material of the future.

PhotoAlto/Michele Constantini/Getty Images The Healing Touch

The future of medicine is something that really blows my mind. Right now, doctors and engineers are working on new drug delivery systems that will minimize side effects while maximizing the medical effectiveness of the drug. For example, scientists are

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