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Image courtesy of NASA Robotic Surgery for Astronauts

In this week’s video and podcast, we talked about the present and future of robotic surgery, alluding to the possibility of space-bound surgical robots to operate on astronauts in emergencies. We spoke in terms of possibilities, only to find out

Photo by John B. Carnett/Bonnier Corp. via Getty Images Watch Our 9 Favorite Exoskeletons in Action

Some of our favorite exoskeletons have been used as alien squishers and supervillain defense aids, sure. But some of the best we’ve seen are decidedly nonfictional. We detailed both categories in our podcast episode I Am Iron Man. Given that

lilu13/iStock/Thinkstock High Tech Contact Lenses

Just a few decades ago, early computer scientists couldn’t anticipate the era of miniaturization. In their minds, computers would continue to become more powerful but would also take up more physical space. Then the transistor changed everything — Gordon Moore

iStock/CURAphotography/Thinkstock Students Build a Hand for a Little Girl

I’m not sure any news story I’ve seen recently encapsulates my admiration of human ingenuity and compassion like this one about Harmony Taylor. She’s a pre-schooler in Cedar Springs, Michigan and was born without fingers on her right hand. This

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images Robotics and Optimism

I’m the first to admit that I’m snarky, sarcastic and goofy. But I’m also honestly optimistic about the future. Much of that is because I’ve seen some great stories come out of what was first a tragic set of circumstances.

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