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iStock/Thinkstock Shining a Lightbeam on the Web

Have you ever wondered how many entities are tracking your Web browsing activity during a particular session? How you end up seeing ads related to stuff you were looking at three tabs back and 30 Web pages ago? The folks

Fuse/Thinkstock We Are the Weakest Link

You may have heard the news — a group of hackers calling themselves the Syrian Electronic Army is wreaking havoc (or at the very least mischief) across the Web against several targeted sites. One of the high-profile sites affected by

© Valentin Weinhäupl/Westend61/Corbis The Loons at Google

Yesterday, I blogged about how one of the many projects at Google X is focusing on revolutionizing wind farming. Today, I wanted to share an incredible video of how the company is using balloons to provide Internet access to parts

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Explore the physical science of the Prius v with these videos from HowStuffWorks.

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Read from topics in the driver’s guide to fuel economy at HowStuffWorks.

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Learn how to decode the new EPA fuel economy labels with this interactive infographic.

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Read about car trends and innovations at HowStuffWorks.

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Study for your future with the latest Fw:Thinking videos.

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