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Basis Science How the Basis Activity and Sleep Tracker Works

I genuinely enjoy working out – about as much as I genuinely enjoy melting into a couch with a goofy sci-fi series and a bowl of mac & cheese. But the creative and technical minds behind fitness trackers have started

James Pauls/E+/Getty Images How the MIO Alpha Heart Monitor Watch Works

It’s a problem in quantum mechanics as well as fitness tracking: Getting measurements off of a moving body is tough. I’ll leave the former to Heisenberg. In terms of the latter, heart rate monitors are a prime example. The latest

Misfit Wearables How the Misfit Shine Works

We have a marvelous glut of fitness tracking accessories on the market these days, each a bit smaller and sleeker than the last. But Misfit Wearables set out to create one so pleasing that people wouldn’t just want to wear

ben-prius-280x150 Science on the Go Videos

Explore the physical science of the Prius v with these videos from HowStuffWorks.

fuel-gauge-280x150 Driver’s Guide

Read from topics in the driver’s guide to fuel economy at HowStuffWorks.

infographic-280x150 Fuel Economy

Learn how to decode the new EPA fuel economy labels with this interactive infographic.

innovations-280x150 Innovations

Read about car trends and innovations at HowStuffWorks.

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Study for your future with the latest Fw:Thinking videos.

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Listen up for what tomorrow sounds like with the Fw:Thinking audio podcast.

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