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The Sumatran tiger is critically endangered. Could de-extinction techniques help keep this animal from going extinct in the first place? | Purestock/Thinkstock Bringing the Dead (Species) Back to Life

There’s been some media buzz on the topic of de-extinction. That’s the term we use to describe using science to resurrect extinct species once thought to be gone forever. In other words, it’s the plot of Jurassic Park but without

Image courtesy Orbital Debris Program Office/NASA Further Reading: Kitsch in Space

Over 521,000 pieces of junk are in orbit around Earth, each traveling up to 17,500 miles per hour (that’s about 28,200 kilometers per hour). Which means that even the smallest of the bunch poses a danger to our satellites, spacecraft

glacier-470x275 H2Whoa

This week’s episode of the Fw:Thinking video series is all about water. Our planet is covered in the stuff, our lives depend upon it and it will play a critical role in anything we decide to do. We know that

Tetra Images/Getty Images Fueling Debate: Will Fossil Fuel Ever Be the Alternative?

I don’t mean to steal the thunder from a future episode of Fw:Thinking, but today’s a good day to address alternative fuel strategies. That’s because U.S. President Barack Obama is asking Congress to form a $2 billion energy security trust.

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