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© Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock Need Energy? Just Add Water

Where will we get our energy in the future? We’ve covered the topic quite a few times on Fw:Thinking – in videos, podcasts and blog posts. It’s a really complicated topic. That’s not just my opinion — it’s science. Some

© WALTER ZERLA/cultura/Corbis Fuel for Thought, Part 3: The Weird Stuff

Many people have come up with creative approaches to generating electricity or harvesting energy. I’ve blogged about alternative fuels (more than once) and the possibilities of fusion. But there are other ways we might squeeze out a few kilowatts of

city-470x275 Where Do We Grow From Here?

This week’s video is about trends and needs. The main trend is all about how more people are moving to the big city. According to a nonprofit organization called the Population Reference Bureau, only about three percent of the world’s

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Explore the physical science of the Prius v with these videos from HowStuffWorks.

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Read from topics in the driver’s guide to fuel economy at HowStuffWorks.

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Learn how to decode the new EPA fuel economy labels with this interactive infographic.

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Read about car trends and innovations at HowStuffWorks.

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Study for your future with the latest Fw:Thinking videos.

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