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Video screenshot courtesy of Melanie Gonick/MIT How to Psychoanalyze a Robot

We’ve spent a lot of time on Fw:Thinking talking about how to make machines better understand our intentions. Ideally, our devices will be able to not only detect but to anticipate our needs, providing for us the things we want

Konstantin Inozemtsev/Vetta/Getty Images Turing Tests and Smartypants Chatbots

You may have heard the exciting news that a partnership between three programmers produced a computer program that has passed the famous Turing Test. But what does that really mean? First, some background on the Turing Test. This is named

Fuse/Thinkstock A Debating Computer?

Back in April, we published a video about the possibility of a “robot president” and the topic of machine leadership in general. Just a couple of the many mountains that artificial intelligence research would have to climb before a society-governing

Image courtesy of the researchers Robots vs Humans – Orientation

Thanks to science fiction, any discussion about robots is bound to include a reference to machines that subjugate mankind due to their superior intelligence and strength. But the truth is that machines have a long way to go before they

"I am a real person. Ha ha. I am a real person. Ha ha. I am a real person." |     Vladislav Ociacia/iStock/Thinkstock The Telemarketing Turing Test

The other day, TIME picked up a really weird, chilling and moderately hilarious story about the discovery of what seems to be a secret Turing chatbot caught in the wild. The saga begins with TIME Washington Bureau Chief Michael Scherer

typewriter-470x275 Further Reading: We’ve All Got Stories to Tell

All three of your (varyingly) humble Fw:Thinking audio hosts have backgrounds in literature and creative writing, so we were like kids in a nerdy candy store during production of our recent episodes on The Future of Storytelling. We did one

iStockphoto/Thinkstock Virtually Emotional

In the multiple disciplinary field of artificial intelligence, there are a lot of big hurdles. Can we create a machine that’s self-aware? How about one that has a conscience? Or is it possible to build a computer that can express

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