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Konstantin Inozemtsev/Vetta/Getty Images Turing Tests and Smartypants Chatbots

You may have heard the exciting news that a partnership between three programmers produced a computer program that has passed the famous Turing Test. But what does that really mean? First, some background on the Turing Test. This is named

Fuse/Thinkstock A Debating Computer?

Back in April, we published a video about the possibility of a “robot president” and the topic of machine leadership in general. Just a couple of the many mountains that artificial intelligence research would have to climb before a society-governing

Image courtesy of the researchers Robots vs Humans – Orientation

Thanks to science fiction, any discussion about robots is bound to include a reference to machines that subjugate mankind due to their superior intelligence and strength. But the truth is that machines have a long way to go before they

"I am a real person. Ha ha. I am a real person. Ha ha. I am a real person." |     Vladislav Ociacia/iStock/Thinkstock The Telemarketing Turing Test

The other day, TIME picked up a really weird, chilling and moderately hilarious story about the discovery of what seems to be a secret Turing chatbot caught in the wild. The saga begins with TIME Washington Bureau Chief Michael Scherer

typewriter-470x275 Further Reading: We’ve All Got Stories to Tell

All three of your (varyingly) humble Fw:Thinking audio hosts have backgrounds in literature and creative writing, so we were like kids in a nerdy candy store during production of our recent episodes on The Future of Storytelling. We did one

iStockphoto/Thinkstock Virtually Emotional

In the multiple disciplinary field of artificial intelligence, there are a lot of big hurdles. Can we create a machine that’s self-aware? How about one that has a conscience? Or is it possible to build a computer that can express

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