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Fuse/Thinkstock Your Hydrogen Appears a Bit Rusty

Rust isn’t much fun to deal with. It’s the product of a process called oxidation and happens when iron and oxygen react in the presence of water. Anyone who has had to scrub rust off of an old bike or

Wittelsbach bernd/E+/Getty Images Fuel for Thought, Part 1: Biofuels and Fuel Cells

What’s the future of fuel? How are we going to power the amazing future we talk about in Fw:Thinking? Our need for fuel — whether it’s to provide electricity or power our vehicles — grows every year. Back in 2011,

Tetra Images/Getty Images Fueling Debate: Will Fossil Fuel Ever Be the Alternative?

I don’t mean to steal the thunder from a future episode of Fw:Thinking, but today’s a good day to address alternative fuel strategies. That’s because U.S. President Barack Obama is asking Congress to form a $2 billion energy security trust.

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