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ces-fuel-cell-470x275 CES Day Two: The Future Is Closer than You Think

I’m writing this on Tuesday morning as I recover from Monday, which was a day full of press conferences at CES (if you weren’t aware I was at CES you can read this blog post here). The press conferences are

iStock/CURAphotography/Thinkstock Students Build a Hand for a Little Girl

I’m not sure any news story I’ve seen recently encapsulates my admiration of human ingenuity and compassion like this one about Harmony Taylor. She’s a pre-schooler in Cedar Springs, Michigan and was born without fingers on her right hand. This

Some forms of conventional metal casting can be rather wasteful. | Image credit: iStock/Thinkstock Metal Goes 3D (Printing)

We know we talk a lot about 3D printing on Fw:Thinking but that’s only because it’s totally awesome. It’s one of those disruptive technologies you hear about — something that has the potential to force radical changes across a multitude

Standard, mass-manufactured guns show up on metal detectors. But a plastic gun you printed in your garage … | ©iStockphoto/Thinkstock Robbin’ People with a (Printed) Zip Gun

Depending upon whom you ask, Cody Wilson has either ushered in a brave new era of individual independence or sown the seeds of destruction. A few think he’s done both at the same time. So what did he manage to

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